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Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri”‘s main strategy is maintenance of a proactive approach with its clients. We strive to understand our clients’ business in order to ensure valuable legal support, and, at the same time enabling our clients to save time in explaining their aims and goals to us.

Our policy is also to “prevent the problems prior their appearance”, which facilitates “cost savings”. We remind our clients of the requirements they need to fulfil and advise them of the news in legislation which can affect their business. 
We endeavour to create the atmosphere of confidence with our clients, so they can relay their legal matters with us and fully concentrate on achieving their business targets.

Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partnerifocuses directly to the core of the issues.  In providing our services, we attempt to distinguish the “relevant” of “irrelevant”. We identify the issues but at the same time we provide the keys of resolving the issues. 

As time is money, we prefer “straight-forward” types of advices. We attempt to fully understand what the issue to be resolved is and what is expected from us.  If something is unclear to us, we do not hesitate to approach our clients either by telephone, e-mails or organised meetings and seek further explanations. We hesitate to provide our advices based on our assumptions, as this may result in delivering something contrary to clients’ expectations.  

The law firm provides services on short notice and strive to meet deadline.  If deadlines cannot be met for some unexpected reason, we inform our clients in advance.  We are technically educated in a sense that we can provide our advices in the way to reduce the length of its presentation manner (i.e. provide the advices through e-mails, telephone conference, power point presentation).
Although our native language is Croatian, majority of the lawyers of Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri” holds proficiency level of English legal language and are perfectly capable in providing all above mentioned services in English. The partner Alek Konić is also fluent in German language.

To conclude with, “Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri” genuinely make every effort to provide its clients value for money and clients’ satisfaction with our services is our utmost goal.