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The Law firm of “Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri”, established as “Hondl, Konić i partneri” in 1998,  continued  the extensive law practice that had been initially inaugurated by Dr. Aleksandar Hondl in 1939, and later continued by renowned lawyers, Bianka Hondl and Alek Konić. Ever since its establishment, it has been providing legal services in the field of civil and commercial litigation and protection of rights of individuals. With its team of lawyers, headed by partner Alek Konić, it has been achieving optimal results in protecting its clients’ best interests. 

In 2013Hondl, Konić i partneri” was joined by the law firm “Šimunović&Batur” with the view of upgrading the law firm’s range of services in the field of corporate law and mergers & acquisitions. The law firm “Šimunović&Batur was successfully run by its partners Stella Šimunović and Maja Batur for more than 10 years. Both of them have extensive experience in providing commercial legal advice and, prior to establishing their own law firm, they had been acting as in-house counsel and business advisors to KPMG Croatia for more than 5 years. 

Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri” provide a wide range of legal services with emphasis on civil and commercial litigation, general corporate and commercial law, family law and labour matters.  We have extensive experience in representing legal entities and individuals in all litigation matters, especially in the field of protecting the ownership and possession rights, resolving real estate issues, obligatory right issues, collection of receivables, damages rights, family law matters, etc., as well as advising foreign investors on formulating investment strategies, setting up or acquiring companies, due-diligence assignments, drafting agreements and negotiating corporate transactions, particularly within the manufacturing, tourism, insurance and financing industries. 

The team of “Hondl, Konić, Šimunović, Batur i partneri” consists of 6 qualified and well experienced lawyers, with the intention of increasing its number in the near future.