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areas of legal services

Litigation is the one of the primary area of business. The law firm’ litigation team covers both commercial and civil litigations, with the area of expertise in obligatory issues, ownership and possession issues, real estate issues, damage and insurance claims, collection of receivables, family law and labour law claims, for legal entities or private individuals. Our team has also significant experience in enforcement and bankruptcy procedures as well as in the administrative proceedings and constitutional complaints.

Corporate law has also become the Law Firm's primary area of business.  The newly joined lawyers Stella Šimunović and Maja Batur have been participating in the large acquisitions of the Croatian companies involved in various industries such as, the trade business industry, hotel industry, paper productions and publishing and finance and insurance industry. In this capacity, they have been participating in the legal due diligence of such companies, drafting and negotiating the merger and acquisitions agreements and registering such acquisitions with the public records. 

Apart from the above, the Law Firm also has a large practice involving company law status affairs. The Law Firm has established a number of companies involved, inter alia, in trade, insurance, real estate business, pharmaceutical business and construction business, for which it has continued to act as the legal consultant.

The Law Firm also has the experience in drafting a range of corporate agreements, such as management agreements, distribution, loan or service agreements

In the past years, the Law Firm has been practicing significantly in the area of Real Estate law. The Law firm has been sorting out the Land Registry inscription issues for a number of its clients.

The Law Firm has been involved in a number of large real estate transactions in the area of tourism, business and residential developments with the emphases on due diligence of the ownership title of the real estate, defining the optimal vehicle for implementation of such development and generally leading and providing legal support to the investor until the completion of real estate project.  In providing the legal advices considering real estate, we cooperate with the architect companies, surveyors and construction companies.

The Law Firm also serves a large number of foreign customers in purchasing properties around Croatia for private use. 

Our services in the area of real estate do not only include work in purchasing of the real estate but also real estate related services such as lease arrangements.

The lawyers in our Law Firm have been involved in large acquisitions and incorporation of insurance companies in Croatia as well as in other issues connected with the insurance companies, from the capitally structuring to the management

The Law Firm represents the clients in the insurance damage claims and provides other assistance in the matters related to the insurance policies, car accidents and related matters.

Our Law Firm has extensive experience in obtaining various visas for our foreign clients and their families, such as business visas, residential issues and related matters arising from the Law on Foreigners.

The Law Firm specializes in transfer of the employees as a part of the restructuring of companies.  The Law Firm also regularly practices in preparing all kind of labour documents including labor by-laws, employment contract, termination documents, and safety-at-work by-law, as well as advising the clients regarding various employment matters such as non-competition clauses, annual holidays or definite term employment as well as work permits. The Law Firm has been representing many of its clients in the labour disputes.